It’s 2019. How Can You Not Have a Website Yet?

2019 is here, and it’s hard to believe there are still small businesses who do not have a website. In fact, recent market research indicates that up to 50% of small businesses still do not have a website, despite the fact that most small business owners are aware of the importance of having an online…

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Secure Your WordPress Website

5 Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the best and most popular open-source content management system on the planet, however WordPress website security is a major concern to most developers and website owners. There are however some simple steps you can take to help keep your WordPress website secure and avoid a malicious attack on your website.

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effective website

What makes an effective website?

An effective website can be the greatest asset your business has. It enables you to reach millions of potential customers at a time and deliver your brand message efficiently. The right website can expand your  presence and bring in more customers with less effort. However, understanding exactly what makes an effective website is essential to launch…

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