Secure Your WordPress Website

5 Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the best and most popular open-source content management system on the planet, however WordPress website security is a major concern to most developers and website owners. There are however some simple steps you can take to help keep your WordPress website secure and avoid a malicious attack on your website.

1. Stay Updated

One of the easiest ways to protect your website from a malicious attack is by ensuring your WordPress software is the latest version. The developers of WordPress update their software continuously, which creates an extra layer of security around your website. Therefore, you should stay updated to provide complete security to your website and also the speed online.

2. Use Themes And Plugins From Trusted Source

It’s an undeniable truth that WordPress offer you a plethora of free themes and plugins which make the work of web development easier and increase the functionality of your website. However, before you choose any plugin or theme make sure it is from a trusted source otherwise it may harm your security, inject viruses and/or result in data loss, so you are sure your site is secure and fast.

3. Use Strong Administrative Passwords

Weak passwords are the major reason behind the success of hacker attacks. You should always use strong administrative passwords, consisting of a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.  It is also advisable to change your password regularly.

4. Secure Your Admin Login

Make sure the admin panel of your website is safe and secure. For this, you should never use your admin name as a username because it is easy to guess and simple to break. So, you should secure your admin login by choosing a tricky admin name to protect your website from a hacker.

5. Backup Your Website Regularly

Remember the three rules of computing: backup, backup and backup. Just like the data on your computer, you need a backup plan for your website. Most good hosting providers will offer a backup service and there are also many good plugins available which will backup your website data and files on a schedule, so you have the backup you need to keep your site safe.

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