What is the difference between a Facebook view and a preview?

Lately I have been getting messages from Facebook saying I have had a “new preview” of my business Facebook page. If you are getting these too, like me, you might be wondering what a “preview” is and how it differs from a “view”.

According to Facebook, this is the difference between  a “view” and a “preview”:

Page previews are the number of times people hovered over your Page name or profile picture to see a preview of your Page content. On the other hand, Page views are when someone views the Page whether they are logged in or not.

You can see the amount of “previews” your business Facebook page has had under the “Insights” tab.

Is this information useful? It could be if your business depends on people liking your posts and following your page. You may not be hitting your target audience if you are getting a lot of previews, as they are not converting or clicking through to visit and follow your page.

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